Women's Health & Education

Too many women and girls lack access to education and voluntary family planning, core human rights that affect both population growth and quality of life. These solutions offer ways to advance gender equity and reduce emissions simultaneously. Please vote to identify shared goals.

Sub Topics

 Educating Girls

. Fully fund international programs with the goal of universal 100% secondary education for girls.

Documents: D65

. Implement universal high-quality comprehensive sex education.

Documents: D65

. Ensure girls' education includes climate and political leadership and skills for a green economy.

Documents: D65

 Family Planning

. Guarantee the right to voluntary, high-quality family planning services.

Documents: D1 D65

. Invest substantially in international family planning and reproductive health services including the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA).

Documents: D100

. Repeal the Helm Amendment, which forbids USAID funds from being used to provide safe abortions.

Documents: D100

. End the Global Gag Rule, which forbids organizations receiving US funding from providing abortion services or counseling.

Documents: D100

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