Let's unite for real political power!

You are hereby invited to be a point person in your Congressional District as part of our “Adopt-A-District'' campaign. Help lead and find others to bring together community groups and activists across policy passions for powerful advocacy. The goal is to build a big web of influential leaders who can reach deep into the political machinery and bring elected officials to serious climate action. Nothing is more important. Sign up to be a volunteer.

Who do you know who knows someone who worked on the campaign? What community groups are you or a friend connected to? This is for our children. It’s our pollution we’re trying to stop. So they can enjoy this planet as we did or suffer unimaginable disruption. This is that moment. History will never forget what this generation does - or doesn’t do. Join the action!

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Open Meetings
2nd Saturday of each month. Focus: Bills, Congress, Movement Updates. Attend 2nd Saturday meetings
4th Wednesday of each month. Focus: AAD, Network, Movement Updates. Attend 4th Wednesday meetings

Youth Team: Fridays for Future: f4f.nyc@gmail.com. Youth AAD sign up

Quick List AAD Leads: District Leads (also below)

Advocacy Materials: Toolkit for emails to electors

Climate Bill Package: Bill Details and NGO Leads

Team Lead: Gregg Wagner - greggtwag@gmail.com

The Demands and Asks: As an organizing focus and first “asks”, we’re starting with a Climate Bill Package of existing legislation that spans many topics. These bills - on FF tax subsidies, plastics, farming, fracking, forests, wetlands, and more - are the tools to recruit activists passionate on these topics, and to unite local groups.

As we develop the comprehensive EARTH BILL, we will add to our demands together. We are also engaging with other coalitions and faith groups for more immediate action, likely to be focused on mandates for pollution reduction by key industries as part of budget bills.

Rarely are so few people so important, but 435 Representatives and 100 Senators will determine the fate of humanity and life on Earth. Yet for too long, corporations have controlled the votes. Let’s unite and take back our political power.

AAD Leads’ Associations Please note that this is not an endorsement by any group, but that activists associated with these groups are AAD Leads. 1st Unitarian Church Portland, 20 Billion Minds, 350 Brooklyn, 350 Chicago, 350 Colorado Action, 350 Denver, 350 Montana, 350 Santa Fe, 350Brooklyn, 350Kishwaukee, 350NJ-Rockland, 350NYC, 350Seattle, 350WA - Civic ActionTeam, Acterra, Alabama Interfaith Power and Light, Center for Earth Ethics, Center for Sustainable Economy, CFSA, Citizens Climate Lobby, Climate Action Iowa, Climate Action RI, Climate Crisis Policy, Climate Dads, Climate Justice Working Group (Quakers), Climate Reality Denver Metro Chapter, Climate Reality Project, Climate Reality Project NYC, Climate Reality Thurston WA, CLIO Institute, Divest NY, East Hampton Energy Sustainability Committee, Environmental Leadership Program, Extinction Rebellion NYC, Faiths4Future, Fridays for Future NYC, GreenTrack, Sustainable Economies, Interfaith Center for Sustainable Development, IPSEC, Lions Club, Long Islanders for Climate Justice, LWV Illinois, Metro NY Catholic Climate Movement, Netroots Nation, New York Environmental Law & Justice Project, NJ Sierra Club Chapter, North American Climate, Conservation and Environment (NACCE), Northeast Organic Farmers Association, NYPAN, Olympia Indivisible, Our Revolution Lake County, Parliament of the World's Religions, People's Justice Council, Quakers, Rachel Carson Council, Right To Health, Santa Cruz Climate Action Network, Save Our Illinois Land (SOIL), Sierra Club NYC, St. John’s United Methodist Church, Sustainable Hudson Valley, Temple Beth Hatfiloh Green Team, The Climate Ribbon, Trade Justice Education Fund, Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Santa Fe, Unitarian Universalists, Unitarian Universalists for a Just Economic Community, Unitarian Universalists for Social Justice, United Church of Christ, UUs for Just Economy (UUJEC), Yale University, and more.

Want to take point on a Congressional District? Adopt a district
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District Party Representative Sponsored Bills Adopt District Lead
Richard NisbetEmail: Orgs: Gulf Coast Creation Care
Rhoda VanderhartEmail: Orgs: Gulf Coast Creation Care
Marilyn PriceEmail: Orgs:
Sheila TarbetEmail: Orgs: Elders Climate Action, NorCal Chapter, Unitarian Universalist Ministry for Earth
Jared JohnsonEmail: Orgs: Acterra
Leah RedwoodEmail: Orgs: Extinction Rebellion San Francisco Bay Area
Margot BlancoEmail: margotblanco27@gmail.comOrgs: Fridays for Future
Susan CavalieriEmail: Orgs: Santa Cruz Climate Action Network
Marceya KaganEmail: lchaim@jps.netOrgs: Santa Cruz Climate Action Network
Pauline SealesEmail: Orgs: Santa Cruz Climate Action Network
Jennifer RossEmail: Orgs:
Paul BurkeEmail: Orgs: VoteWell
Joanne MilliusEmail: Orgs: Climate Reality Project, Audobon
Jessica CravenEmail: Orgs: Chop Wood Carry Water newsletter
Christian BillsonEmail: Orgs: Inland Empire Climate Action Coalition (IECAC)
Richard NobleEmail: Orgs: Climate Reality Project
Pesach ChananiahEmail: Orgs: Interfaith Center for Sustainable Development
David MarrettEmail: djmarrett@gmail.comOrgs: Sierra Club, Climate Reality Project, Citizen's Climate Lobby (active member)
Frank GrandaEmail: frankmg858@gmail.comOrgs: Fridays for Future
Elizabeth FuhrEmail: mefuhr@franciscanway.orgOrgs: Sisters of St. Francis. 350.org
Sarah Currie-HalpernEmail: scurrie541@gmail.comOrgs: Earth Day Initiative NYC
Smita SkrivanekEmail: Orgs:
Wanda OstermanEmail: wo2528@gmail.comOrgs: Climat Crisis Policy
Roberta MooneyEmail: Roberta.t.mooney@gmail.comOrgs: 350 CO Action
Jan RoseEmail: motor.mouth.jan@gmail.comOrgs: Climate Reality Denver-Boulder Chapter
Melissa EverettEmail: meliss.a.everett@icloud.comOrgs: Climate Crisis Policy
Nancy LeckerlingEmail: Orgs: Southern New England UCC Environmental Ministry Team
Sugiono VijjasenaEmail: sena.sugiono@yale.eduOrgs: Yale University
Merritt JulianoEmail: Orgs:
Diane KeefeEmail: Orgs: Quakers
Mary KesslerEmail: kesslerm10@gmail.comOrgs: Fridays for Future
Dr. Cliff CockerhamEmail: Cliff.Cockerham@cclvolunteer.orgOrgs: PSR, CCL, ECA, GCCM, U.S. CAN, CEC [Physicians for Social Responsibility, Global Catholic Climate Movement, Climate Emergency Coalition, Citizens Climate Lobby, Elders Climate Action, etc.]
Sarah YoungerEmail: Orgs:
Mary Anne SullivanEmail: Orgs:
Larua BettsEmail: Orgs: Climate Reality, CLIO Institute
Ed DyeEmail: ed-dye@tampabay.rr.comOrgs: Climate Reality Project
Sarah EdwardsEmail: sarahmme@gmail.comOrgs: Climate Reality Leadership Corps
Loren WeilandEmail: Orgs:
Mary TarnoffEmail: roo52556@yahoo.comOrgs: Climate Action Iowa
Molly O'SheaEmail: Orgs: Congregation Ahavath Beth Israel Rabbi Daniel Fink (Rabbi Dan)
Allan J LindrupEmail: uusj@sbcglobal.netOrgs: Unitarian Universalists for Social Justice
Charles PaidockEmail: cpaidock@hotmail.comOrgs: AFL-CIO, Chicago Greens
R.A. RosensteinEmail: Orgs: APS, UCS,Sierra Club, Greenpeace,NRDC, Climate Reality Project, Green America
Robert RosensteinEmail: Orgs:
Richard StuckeyEmail: Orgs: Save Our Illinois Land, Sierra Club
Grace ComerfordEmail: gracea544@hotmail.comOrgs: Fridays for Future
Sandra KaptainEmail: Orgs: Elgin Green Groups, 350.org
Adrien OstrowEmail: adrienostrow@gmail.comOrgs: Fridays for Future
Vivienne BaileyEmail: Orgs: Fox Valley Citizens for Peace and Justice
Melissa BriceEmail: mebrice@gmail.comOrgs: 350 Chicago
Mary ShesgreenEmail: marysedrop@att.netOrgs: Northern Illinois Jobs with Justice
Jane BannorEmail: Orgs: UUs for Just Economy (UUJEC)
Joshua BasofinEmail: joshua@parliamentofreligions.orgOrgs: Parliament of the World's Religions
Laurel LatimerEmail: laurel2322@me.comOrgs: citizen climate activist
Adam BroadEmail: broadcoalition@gmail.comOrgs: Our Revolution Lake County, IL Green Party
Rachel VenturaEmail: rachelfventura@gmail.comOrgs: Will County Board Member, District 9
Nan HoldaEmail: Orgs:
Catherine HarnedEmail: Orgs: 350.org
William KoehlEmail: 222koehl@gmail.comOrgs: League of Women Voters of Illinois
Mary Cozad Email: Orgs: Indivisible
Meryl Greer DominaEmail: merylkgd@gmail.comOrgs: 350Kishwaukee
Robert FeldackerEmail: Orgs:
Margaret RozhonEmail: Orgs: WP3
Robert J. CastagnaEmail: RCastagna1@gmail.comOrgs: Laudato Si' Circle Environmental Ministry
Jane WinnEmail: Orgs: Berkshire Environmental Action Team (BEAT)
Nina DeweesEmail: ninadewees@gmail.comOrgs:
Eileen RyanEmail: Orgs:
Lucy WhitelamEmail: Orgs: Fridays for Future
Sarah DilutisEmail: Orgs:
James CleghomEmail: Orgs: Maryland Catholics for Our Common Home
Terry EllenEmail: TerenceEllen@gmail.comOrgs: Interfaith Moral Action on Climate
Joe JamesEmail: josephjjames@bellsouth.netOrgs: Agri-Tech Producers, LLC
Ruth WhiteEmail: Ruth.folkfan@gmail.comOrgs: www.hococlimateaction.org
Vontasha SimmsEmail: vontashasimms@gmail.comOrgs: Ji'Aire's Workgroup Mental Health and Wellness
Kristin CookEmail: Orgs: 350 Montgomery County
William NeilEmail: wneil1950@gmail.comOrgs: Climate Crisis Policy
Elsa GibsonEmail: Orgs:
Ed KopfEmail: Orgs: Jewish Earth Alliance
Lise Van SusterenEmail: Orgs: Climate Psychiatry Alliance
Charles SpangerEmail: Orgs:
Lisa PatrellEmail: patrell.lisa@gmail.comOrgs: Climate Crisis Policy
Marian GonsiorEmail: mgnsr@aol.comOrgs:
Kathy JonesEmail: bmustangs9@aol.comOrgs:
Laura MichaudEmail: Orgs: Climate Crisis Policy
Nina ChafeeEmail: Orgs: Youth Adopt A District Program
Owen GriffinEmail: owengriffin83222@gmail.comOrgs: Fridays for Future
Marta MeengsEmail: mmeengs77@gmail.comOrgs: 350 Montana
Maple OsterbrinkEmail: maplemaryann@protonmail.comOrgs: Beyond Extreme Energy
Robert PollockEmail: robert.k.pollock@gmail.comOrgs: Climate Crisis Policy
Rev. Rob GrabillEmail: Orgs: The Church of Christ at Dartmouth College; UCC
Margo WolfsonEmail: margolwolfson@gmail.comOrgs: Romemu, Dayenu
Ann Marie BrennanEmail: Orgs: CLC, Global Catholic Climate Movement
Marinus BroekmanEmail: Orgs: Indivisible NJ5
James CrawfordEmail: Orgs:
Sally GellertEmail: Orgs: UUJEC
Greg GormanEmail: Orgs: NJ Sierra Club Chapter
Denise LytleEmail: Orgs:
Ann PerryEmail: Orgs: Citizens' Climate Lobby
Leslie StevensEmail: Orgs: 350nyc, Drawdown, Climate Reality
Isabella RodriguezEmail: isabella_rodriguez2@fitnyc.eduOrgs: Fridays for Future
Fiorella CarvoEmail: fiorellacarvo@gmail.comOrgs: Fridays for Future
Stan ChenEmail: Orgs:
Keith VoosEmail: keithvoos48@gmail.comOrgs: Drawdown NYC
Jean DarlingEmail: jdarling@sandwich.netOrgs: Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Santa Fe, 350 Santa Fe
Raymond BerriosEmail: Orgs: Climate Crisis Policy
Francesca RheannonEmail: rheannon05@gmail.comOrgs: Climate Reality Project, East Hampton Energy Sustainability Committee
Jakob SchmidtEmail: Orgs: Laudato si Circle Stony Brook NY
Cathy McConnellEmail: Orgs: Long Island Progressive Coalition
Brian SchneiderEmail: bjs2971@gmail.comOrgs: 350 NYC
Jennifer MonterrozaEmail: jenniferm6109@hillcresths.orgOrgs: Fridays for Future
Christine SantistebanEmail: Orgs: St. Francis Xavier
Victoria LuEmail: Victorialu1688@gmail.comOrgs: Fridays for Future
Varsha MathraniEmail: vcmathrani@gmail.comOrgs:
Eileen MoranEmail: Orgs: PSC-CUNY
Sheno NgoEmail: shenongo4605@gmail.comOrgs: Fridays for Future
William TangEmail: william.x.tang99@gmail.comOrgs: Fridays for Future
Elizabeth ApplegateEmail: elizabeth.applegate@gmail.comOrgs:
Emily BuppEmail: Orgs: Fridays for Future
Emma BurettaEmail: emmaburetta@gmail.comOrgs: Fridays for Future
Peter CarelliniEmail: p.carellini@gmail.comOrgs: 350NYC
Alexa David-LangEmail: Orgs: Fridays for Future
Rachel HuEmail: Orgs: Fridays for Future
Kristen KammererEmail: Orgs:
Lily MaenzaEmail: Orgs: Fridays for Future
Lynn TondrickEmail: Orgs: 350 Brooklyn
Camille WhiteEmail: Orgs: Fridays for Future
Henry AronofskyEmail: Orgs: Fridays for Future
Megan CandolfiEmail: Orgs: Climate Crisis Policy
Dan DonohueEmail: djd007nyc@gmail.comOrgs:
Dan DonohueEmail: djd007nyc@gmail.comOrgs: 350 Brooklyn
Joanna SmithEmail: Orgs:
Rosa WaldronEmail: Orgs: MNYCCM
Faiza AzamEmail: Orgs: Fridays for Future
Catherine BiniEmail: Orgs: Metro N.Y. Catholic Climate Movement
Katherine BiniEmail: Orgs: Climate Crisis Policy
Maya BrenerEmail: Orgs: Fridays for Future
Anna BurettaEmail: Orgs: Fridays for Future
Anna KathawalaEmail: ackkat31@gmail.comOrgs: Fridays for Future
Cayla KushnerEmail: Orgs: Fridays for Future
Nancy LorenceEmail: n.lorence2013@gmail.comOrgs: Metro Catholics for Climate
Rachel MakleffEmail: Orgs: Climat Crisis Policy
Phyllis TownleyEmail: tboadicea@aol.comOrgs:
Valerie ChlaferEmail: vchlafer@gmail.comOrgs: Fridays for Future
Claudia HurtadoEmail: Orgs:
Michelle NgEmail: michelleng@hunterschools.orgOrgs: Fridays for Future
Charlie OlsonEmail: Orgs: The Environment TV
Allison AllanEmail: allisonaallen@aol.comOrgs:
Carol ComerfordEmail: Orgs: St. Francis Xavier
Rebecca DengroveEmail: Rebecca.dengrove@gmail.comOrgs:
Jason DomelieEmail: Orgs: Climate Crisis Policy
Sr. Virginia DorganEmail: Orgs: Metro NY Catholic Climate Movement
Mary Jane GocherEmail: Orgs: St. Francis Xavier Environment Ministry
Altea PeyserEmail: Orgs: Fridays for Future
Marylee Raymond DimondEmail: Orgs:
Liz VigilEmail: mea.vigil@gmail.comOrgs: St. Francis Xavier Environment Ministry
Janet KrausEmail: Orgs: Metro NY Catholic Climate Movement
Julia McGinnityEmail: Orgs: Metro NY Catholic Climate Movement
Jose MenaEmail: josemena0114@gmail.comOrgs: Climate Crisis Policy
Terry MichaudEmail: tkmichnow@gmail.comOrgs: Metro NY Catholic Climate Movement
Jerry RiversEmail: jerry.rivers13@yahoo.comOrgs: North American Climate, conservation and Environment(NACCE)
Paul D. CrawfordEmail: Orgs: Capuchin Franciscan Provinice of St. Mary
Carol De AngeloEmail: Orgs: Sisters of Charity of New York
Lu DoyleEmail: doyleviazzo@hotmail.comOrgs: Catholic Climate Movement
Jordan DaleEmail: Orgs: 350NJ-Rockland, Divest NY
Wendy FrankEmail: wendyfrank.mail@gmail.comOrgs: Manhattan Solid Waste Advisory Board
Courtney WilliamsEmail: mazafratz@yahoo.comOrgs: Climate Crisis Policy
Marcy ClevelandEmail: Orgs: Hudson Valley Green Homes at Keller Williams Realty
Bruce Frishkoff Email: Orgs: Citizen's Climate Lobby
Murray JohnsonEmail: amurj@aim.comOrgs:
Terence LoverEmail: Orgs:
Anne ErlingEmail: erling.colafati@gmail.comOrgs: Climate Crisis Policy
Marta GomezEmail: gomezcaticha@gmail.comOrgs: Bethlehem Morning Voice Huddle
Lisa AdamsonEmail: ladamson27@gmail.comOrgs: Climate Crisis Policy
Margaret McCaslandEmail: Orgs: Climate Justice Working Group NY
Mary ThorpeEmail: mary14889@frontiernet.comOrgs: NY-PAN
Zabreya OkyereEmail: zaby15okyere_dv@icloud.comOrgs: Fridays for Future
Christine Ricelle Ubaldo SantistebanEmail: Orgs: St Francis Xavier Environmental ministry
Rev. Brooks BerndtEmail: Orgs: United Church of Christ
Linda CraigEmail: lindacraigpdx@gmail.comOrgs: Climate Crisis Policy
Debby GarmanEmail: Orgs: 350.org Washington County Oregon
Bill HarrisEmail: Orgs: Community for Earth, 1st Unitarian Church
Peter SergienkoEmail: petersergienko@gmail.comOrgs: Ecumenical Ministries of Oregon; IPL Oregon; Chair Creation Justice Committee
Richenda FairhurstEmail: Orgs:
Michael HughesEmail: Orgs:
Jim YarbroughEmail: Orgs:
Jeff HammarlundEmail: Orgs:
Polly JacksonEmail: Orgs:
Leslie Kohl-KosbauEmail: sharedgardens11@gmail.comOrgs: "Community for Earth First Unitarian Church Portland"
Jacqueline ParkerEmail: mrchickadee@gmail.comOrgs:
Anne PickarEmail: Orgs: 1st Unitarian, Portland, OR
Bob YuhnkeEmail: Orgs: Elders Climate Action
Rhonda LawrenceEmail: rjcomp@aol.comOrgs: Climate Crisis Policy
Philip CarverEmail: philiphcarver@gmail.comOrgs:
Lucy HitchcockEmail: lucyhitchcock8140@gmail.comOrgs: Unitarian Universalists for a Just Economic Community
Doug HuntEmail: Orgs: Main Line Unitarian Church
Jason SandmanEmail: Orgs: Climate Dads
Justin BoyanEmail: Orgs: Climate Action RI
Janice Dexter-GanekEmail: Orgs:
Brady WatsonEmail: Orgs:
Daniel JorankoEmail: taptenn@gmail.comOrgs: Tennessee Interfaith Power and Light
David KaysEmail: Orgs: Franklin First United Methodist Church
Tori WEmail: Orgs:
Judith EmersonEmail: Orgs: Unitarian Fellowship of Houston
Veronica BrittonEmail: Veronicaebritton@gmail.comOrgs: Fridays for Future
Dawn LewisEmail: Orgs: St.Johns United Methodist Church
Sharon RicheyEmail: Orgs:
Timothy DudaEmail: Orgs: Terra Advocati
Nora PfeifferEmail: Orgs:
Bob DennistonEmail: Orgs:
David ShiltonEmail: dshilton@aol.comOrgs: Unitarian Universalists for Social Justice
Sarah EdwardsEmail: Orgs: FWW
Anne DolivoEmail: dolivoanne@gmail.comOrgs: Climate Reality Project VT
Marina EpsteinEmail: Orgs: Climate Crisis Policy
Theo TalcottEmail: theo.talcott@mail.sit.eduOrgs: Transition Town Manchester, Earth Matters
Margaret WooddruffEmail: Orgs:
Maisy WagnerEmail: mwagner.wave@gmail.comOrgs: Fridays for Future
Coleen AndersonEmail: Orgs: 350 Yakima; CCL Yakima volunteer
Thomas JonesEmail: Orgs:
Marty BishopEmail: martyl.bishop@gmail.comOrgs: 350 West Sound
Martha BaskinEmail: Orgs: 350 Seattle, Sierra Club
Alexa FayEmail: Orgs:
Selden PrenticeEmail: seldenpre@comcast.netOrgs: 350Seattle.org
Selden PrenticeEmail: seldenpre@comcast.netOrgs: 350 Seattle
Peggy PrintzEmail: Orgs:
Beth BruntonEmail: Orgs: South Seattle Climate Action Network
Rosemary MooreEmail: Orgs:
Lisa CeazanEmail: lisa.lisaceazan@outlook.comOrgs: Olympia Indivisible
Barak GaleEmail: barakgale@gmail.comOrgs: Climate Reality Thurston WA, Temple Beth Hatfiloh Green Team, Faiths4Future, Lions Club
Tish LeveeEmail: Orgs:
Michael S GoodmanEmail: xenon.goodmann@gmail.comOrgs: Mr. Michael S Goodman
Mark TaylorEmail: Orgs: