Just Transition

As the United States transitions to climate-friendly policies, it must ensure a just transition for workers in displaced industries. The ideas in this topic seek to protect those workers. Please vote to identify shared goals.

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 Just Transition General

. CLEAN Future Act: Create an Office of Economic Impact, Diversity and Employment and establish energy workforce development program. Provide financial and technical assistance to educational institutions, state and local workforce development boards, non-profit organizations, labor organizations and apprenticeship programs.

Documents: DB137

. Create a national center for clean energy workforce development to identify needed skills and training for energy efficiency and renewable energy jobs, and make policy recommendations to promote job growth in this sector and ensure access to jobs for displaced fossil fuel workers.

Documents: DB2 D19 DL59 D130

. Create job training and workforce development programs for renewable energy jobs, with priority and relocation assistance for displaced fossil fuel workers and disadvantaged communities.

. Ensure transition benefits for displaced coal workers, and other sectors losing 20% or more jobs, including unemployment insurance, healthcare, pension, job training, and living expenses, until their new employment includes benefits package within 10% of previous package.

Documents: DB2 DB7 D19 DL58 DB71 D73

. Create workforce development programs for entry level food workers to increase climate and health perspectives and concrete skills.

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. Establish a fund for financial support and mental health services for workers displaced by climate change and related policies.

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. Create employer tax credits for hiring displaced, transitioning employees in energy sectors.

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. Create youth jobs program for reforestation of federal forests and restoration of wetlands.

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. Create a strategy for private sector transportation workers impacted by the shift to electric vehicles and public transportation system changes.

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. Provide free healthcare for workers made unhealthy from extractive and toxic industries, and their families.

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. Create funded economic development programs, tens of millions annually, for coal country, including funding of $250 million for reclamation of abandoned coal mine lands, and other infrastructure investments on water, broadband and electric grid.

Documents: DB2 DB3 D10

. Create a employment center for minority and disadvantaged communities, giving preference to companies with equity policies, and an incubator program for clean energy businesses.

Documents: DB113

. CLEAN Future Act: Requires that any project funded to construct, alter, maintain, or repair a public building or public work to use iron, steel, and manufactured goods produced in the United States.

Documents: DB137

. AEIA: Establish grants to higher education and tribal colleges for establish programs in building efficiency, design and operation, and to entities for skills training in installation of energy efficient technologies.

Documents: DB145

. AEIA: Establish 21st Century Energy Workforce Advisory Board to devise a strategy for the development of a skilled energy workforce, in consultation with institutions serving minorities, veterans, and displaced and unemployed energy workers.

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. AEIA: Award cost-shared grants for on-the-job training or pre-apprenticeship programs in renewable energy, energy efficiency, grid modernization, or the reduction of GHG emissions.

Documents: DB145

. Guarantee income and benefits for displaced fossil fuel workers.

Documents: D120 D151

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