The Earth Bill & Network

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Carbon Countdown

The time left before we pump enough GHG pollution into the air to lock in going beyond 1.5°C (7 years) & 2°C (25 years)

The Earth Bill

100% by 2030

  1. Renewable Electricity by Utilities
  2. Electric Vehicles by Manufacturers
  3. Regenerative Agriculture by Industrial Plant & Animal Corporations

Enforcement tied to Ordinary Business Deductions

By simply fixing how our Electricity, Cars & Food are made – we can reach 80% of the pollution solution! This would stop our pollution – which must be our first priority to avert disaster.

The Earth Bill works by requiring utility companies and large agriculture corporations to change to clean and healthy inputs in making our electricity (with solar, wind, geothermal, tidal, and wave) and food (to farming practices like no-till, cover crops, and no chemical fertilizers or pesticides). Then car manufacturers make electric cars for all, and we’re on our way to stopping our pollution in time! It’s that simple really.

As the bill gets finished and filed, we’re starting with a Pledge for you, your organization, and your Congressperson. Leadership on this starts with us now! Welcome all!

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Earth Bill Two: A Comprehensive Climate Bill

Our team is also crafting a comprehensive gold-standard bill based on science, designed to stop our GHG pollution fast enough to stop global warming at 1.5 degrees – an almost impossible goal already. This is being created in a transparent and inclusive process with grassroots leadership and high-level partners covering over 20 sectors. The process, described below, is designed to build real political power by uniting activists across passions and linking coalitions and groups together in common cause. All are welcome.

Inclusive Participation

Open Meetings: 2nd Saturday of each month. Attend Saturday meetings
Join a Policy Sector Team: Volunteer today. Buildings; Corporate/Finance; Earth Rights Ecosystems; Electricity; Environmental Justice; Just Transition; Farm-Food Agriculture; Govt Agencies; Health & Mental Health; Indigenous; International Trade; Land, Water, Forest; Materials, Waste, Recycling; Plant Rich Diets; State/Local Support; Transportation; Wildlife & Plants
Questions: Contact Chrstine Key, Team Lead, ckey738@gmail.com

Transparent Documents

Contacts & Emails: All team leads. This lists all the leaders and groups involved.
Policy – Earth Bill: Policy Worksheet. This is where the policy is being compiled.
Teams – Earth Bill: Teams Worksheet. This is where the Teams communicate.

Policy Contributors

Please note that providing input is not an endorsement of content or project. Endorsements of the final product will be separately listed. Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Project Drawdown, Family Farm Action Alliance, Food & Water Watch, Environmental Investigation Agency, Endangered Species Coalition, GreenTrack, NAACP, Karuk Tribe Dept of Natural Resources, Trade Justice Education Fund, Elders Climate Action, US Climate Action Network, National Lawyers Guild, New York Environmental Law & Justice Project, Northeast Organic Farmers Association, Human Rights Watch, Environmental Defense Fund, Rachel Carson Council, Center for Sustainable Economy, Break Free from Plastics, Shoshone Métis Tribes, Sierra Club NYC, and many more.


The bill drafting starts with the CCP Digest, which reflects the expert opinion of over 150 efforts, then we’re adding new topical bills and major policy proposals from key coalitions. All language and bills will be contained in the EB: Policy Spreadsheet above. MIT & Project Drawdown will analyze the GHG impacts of proposed policies to make sure we’re on the right track. We’ll work toward consensus on a core bill to achieve 1.5, and most likely have addendums for non-consensus items. Mandates for industry pollution-reductions are a core element and may be our preliminary focus for budget reconciliation processes. The hope is that by compiling all the various proposals and bills in one document, the common demands will be revealed.

The Earth Bill Network

The Earth Bill Network is an open association of activists, organizations and coalitions, currently in the process of formalizing its structure, with open meetings and inviting input to the Principles & Agreements linked below. Key principles include: Inclusive & Transparent organizing in Community. Partnership entails agreeing to collective action to achieve our individual goals together, including participating in the drafting of the Earth Bill, and helping to create a nationwide ground game organized by Congressional District (see Adopt-A-District page). Welcome all!

Network Proposal: Principles & Agreements (draft for comment)

Open Meetings
2nd Saturday of each month. Focus: Bills, Congress, Movement Updates. Attend 2nd Saturday meetings
4th Wednesday of each month. Focus: AAD, Network, Movement Updates. Attend 4th Wednesday meetings
Process: Comment & Discussion, finalize for Launch by April Earth Day 2021! Please review the Principles & Agreements, and discuss with your groups. A form will go out to join the network soon.
Questions: Todd Fernandez, climatecrisispolicy@gmail.com
Lobbying Rules: Bolder Advocacy for 501c3

Network Community Teams

FAITH TEAM Join more than 170 faith leaders and individuals from across the nation as we mobilize and bring our moral voices together in support of federal legislation to address the climate crisis. Our network includes members from many different faith traditions and places of worship such as Unitarian Universalists, United Church of Christ, Catholics, Jewish, Friends (Quakers), Methodists, and more. Participants share resources and participate in the Adopt-A-District program and/or policy issue teams, and organize with interfaith or denominational members in key states and districts.

Questions? Contact: Lavona Grow, Faith Team Lead, Lavona@uusj.org
Join Faith List: Email, Genie Cooper, ecooper@centerforearthethics.org
Materials: Faith Team handout

Faith Team Meetings: Monthly general meetings; and periodic administrative/planning meetings.

Marketing Professionals Team: Jonathan Brady, jbrady326@icloud.com
Art Team: Jean Bundy, 38144@alaska.net
Indigenous Team: Jeffrey Blogg, WithSpirit81@gmail.com
Youth Team: Fridays for the Future, f4f.nyc@gmail.com. Sign up directly for the Youth Team
Direct Action: Christine See, Extinction Rebellion, christinasee@gmail.com