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A Climate Convergence! Uniting for Victory 2021

Join us for a high-level symposium to discuss federal legislative plans for 2021!

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Dec. 9 & 10, 2020. Six Sessions & Climate Cabaret!

Congress is gearing up to take real action on Climate in 2021. And it is strategically vital that civil society be prepared to work together to secure meaningful legislative victories. There are thousands of climate groups and millions of activists waiting for coordinated leadership and direction. This symposium will delve into the 2021 Action Plans from leading coalitions and organizations to guide the way. Let’s unite the vast climate movement for real political power!

Event Schedule

Wed. Dec. 9
  1. Noon – 2pm EST: Congress
  2. 3 – 5pm EST: Major Environmental Organizations
  3. 6 – 8pm EST: National Climate Coalitions
Thu. Dec. 10
  1. Noon – 2pm EST: Policy Sector Coalitions
  2. 3 – 5pm EST: Faith. Legal. Scientists. Health. Environmental Justice.
  3. 6 – 8pm EST: Direct Action. Mass Mobilization. Youth. Grassroots.
  4. CLOSING: Climate Cabaret, featuring NYC Artists, 8 – 9pm EST

Keynote Speakers

  • Senator Jeff Merkley (OR)
  • Congressman Andy Levin (MI)
  • Rep. Rashida Tlaib (MI)

Session Panelists

Wed. Dec. 9

Noon – 2pm EST: Session 1: Open Plenary: Legislation & Congress

  • Todd Fernandez, Executive & Legislative Director, Climate Crisis Policy
  • Clyde Hall, Director, Naraya Cultural Preservation Council
  • Adam Zipkin, Senior Advisor, Office of Senator Cory Booker
  • Michelle Deatrick, Chair, DNC Council on the Environment & Climate Crisis
  • Rania Batrice, Executive Director, March for Science
  • Susan Hendershot, President, Interfaith Power & Light
  • Demond Drummer, Co-founder and Executive Director, New Consensus

3 – 5pm EST: Session 2: Major Environmental Organizations

  • Sascha von Bismarck, Executive Director, Environmental Investigation Agency
  • Chad Frishmann, Vice-President & Director of Research, Project Drawdown
  • Kieran Suckling, Executive Director, Center for Biological Diversity
  • Emily Southard, US Campaign Manager, 350.org
  • John Fernandez, Director, Environmental Solutions Initiative, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • Ramon Cruz, President, Sierra Club
  • Janet Redman, Climate Campaign Director, Greenpeace
  • Felice Stadler, Vice President, Environmental Defense Fund

6 – 8pm EST: Session 3: Nationwide Coalitions

  • Navina Khanna, Director, HEAL Food Alliance
  • Niaz Dorry, Executive Director, National Family Farm Coalition
  • Jacqui Patterson, Sr. Director, Environmental and Climate Justice Program, NAACP
  • Randi Weingarten, President, American Federation of Teachers
  • Bob Perkowitz, Founder & President, EcoAmerica
  • Jim Walsh, Senior Energy Policy Analyst, Food & Water Action
  • Osprey Orielle Lake, Founder & Executive Director, Women’s Earth and Climate Action Network (WECAN) & Executive Committee, Global Alliance for the Rights of Nature
Thu. Dec. 10

Noon – 2pm EST: Session 4: Policy Sector Coalitions

  • Rev. Dr. Liz Theoharis, Director, Kairos Center for Religions, Rights and Social Justice at Union Theological Seminary, & Co-Chair, Poor People’s Campaign: A National Call for Moral Revival
  • Mark Reynolds, Executive Director, Citizens Climate Lobby
  • Ken Berlin, President and CEO, Climate Reality Project
  • Cornelius Blanding, Executive Director, Federation of Southern Coops
  • Peggy M. Shepard, Executive Director, WE ACT for Environmental Justice
  • Lise Van Sustren, Steering Committee, Climate Psychiatry Alliance
  • Jake Davis, Senior Policy Advisor, Family Farm Action Alliance

3 – 5pm EST: Session 5: Faith & Indigenous

  • Nigel S. Savage, President & CEO, Hazon
  • Rev. Michael Malcom, Founder and Executive Director, The People’s Justice Council
  • The Rev. Fletcher Harper, Executive Director, GreenFaith
  • Shantha Ready Alonso, Executive Director, Creation Justice Ministries
  • Kyle Meyaard-Schaap, Young Evangelicals for Climate Action
  • Roberto Mukaro Borrero, President, United Confederation of Taíno People (UCTP)
  • Jose Aguto, Associate Director, Catholic Climate Covenant

6 – 8pm EST: Session 6: Direct Action & Grassroots

  • Jonathan Walker, Rise & Resist
  • Laurie Cotter, Rise & Resist
  • Christina See, Extinction Rebellion
  • Tia Nelson, Managing Director, Climate, Outrider
  • Leslie Cagan, Coordinator, Peoples Climate Movement NYC
  • Roger Hallam, Co-Founder, Extinction Rebellion UK

8 – 9pm EST: Closing: Climate Cabaret

  • Climate Crisis Policy
  • Climate Reality NYC
  • Drawdown NYC
  • Organic Consumers Association
  • Family Farm Action
  • 350 Kishwaukee
  • Hazon
  • Tennessee Interfaith Power and Light
  • Mighty Earth
  • Climate Nashville
  • Climate Chattanooga
  • Climate Reality Project Peconic Region
  • Climate Reality Project Suffolk County
  • Students for Climate Action
  • Climate Reality Project Capital Region
  • Climate Reality Project Westchester
  • Climate Reality Project Rockland
  • Climate Reality Project Finger Lakes
  • Climate Reality Project Chautauqua County
  • Climate Reality Project Hudson Valley & Cattskills
  • Protect All Children’s Environment
  • Center for Biological Diversity
  • Laurie M. Tisch Center for Food, Education & Policy
  • 350 Central Massachusetts
  • Pesticide Action Network
  • 350 Chicago
  • Earth Day Initiative
  • Unitarian Universalists for a Just Economic Community
  • Hugelrado Farms
  • Climate Action Iowa
  • Climate Reality Project: Greater NJ Gateway Chapter
  • United Confederation of Taíno People
  • The Sustainable Living Coalition
  • Santa Cruz Climate Action Network
  • Rise & Resist
  • Unitarian Universalists for Social Justice
  • Community for Earth Committee, First Unitarian Church of Portland, OR
  • Metro NY Catholic Climate Movement
  • Climate Reality Project Southwestern Oregon
  • Global Catholic Climate Movement
  • The Sustainable Living Coalition

All welcome! Email ClimateCrisisPolicy@gmail.com
Register now & let’s unite for victory!

Climate Solutions Education

We need everyone onboard to make the transitions required to save ourselves. Every teacher, student and voter. Every consumer!

Climate Crisis Policy is recruiting the marketing industry to launch a mass public awareness campaign, “Solutions to Help Save Earth.” We all need to get educated about these specific solutions, within climate groups, and across movements. Please educate your leaders on the Policy Digest and recruit groups outside the climate movement to join the education cause.
See OurClimateOurFuture for great introductory videos:
Climate Clips
Co2 & Climate Change

2020 Candidate Engagement

When we educate the candidates, we educate the winners.

Our goal is to get all 2020 candidates to support the Climate Bill Package.

Please help engage your candidates by finding their campaign websites and contacting them about The Climate Bill Package. Find a local group that endorses candidates to help get replies. And get organized locally in each Congressional District to push for action and get out the Climate Vote.

The effort to pass climate legislation in 2021 starts now.

Making Congress Act 2021

Big Oil, Agriculture & Pharma are united and in control. So we must unite to shift power and win.

To harness our collective power, we need to determine our shared policy demands and build emergency coalition infrastructure – with national and state networks, staffing and offices – to speak with one voice and take direct action together.

We need to be ready to lead strategically on legislation because the bills filed by politicians may be too small or slow, too splintered across topics to galvanize enough outside pressure, or too politically polarized. Meanwhile, countervailing forces will fight to weaken and block everything with unlimited funds and lobbying power.

The movements impacted by the climate crisis are vast and could have tremendous power if united. They span renewable energy, divestment, energy independence, local job creation, labor rights, wildlife protection, food waste, plastics, recycling, clean air and water, healthy farms and food, good city living and public transit. They could link healthcare workers, environmental lawyers, business associations, insurance executives, peace activists and many more.

Currently, Congressional leaders and advocacy groups are filing many good bills, but passing a bill is a different matter.  We must admit that none of us have the power alone to pass our individual-issue bills, which only tackle parts of the problem anyway. Banded together, we could pass them all and make sure they’re bold enough to solve the crisis in time.

To help create the necessary unity, the Climate Crisis Policy Team will host online conversations with activists and organizations across movements. This is the exciting part – building an unstoppable force to save Mother Earth.

Business & Finance Pressure Now

The business and banking communities have the power and duty to eliminate GHG pollution.

Grocery stores can help with farming, rainforests, plastics, waste, and hydrofluorocarbon problems. Car manufacturers can build charging infrastructure, raise efficiency standards, go 100% electric, and use clean refrigerants. Banks can stop financing new pipelines and dirty factories and fund renewables instead. All retail stores of clothing and consumer goods can institute refundable deposits to ensure items are returned, creating a circular economy that reuses materials and eliminates waste. Industries can act now, and many are, but pressure is needed for systemic change until a national mandate is established.

We’re taking direct action in two key industries, on food giants Cargill and Stop & Shop in collaboration with Mighty Earth, and against Chase Bank as part of the NYC Chase Coalition and Stop the Money Pipeline.

Please engage any businesses you patronize and ask them to adopt climate friendly practices.

Carbon Countdown

The time left before we pump enough GHG pollution into the air to lock in going beyond 1.5°C (7 years) & 2°C (25 years)